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 Heron Walking in the Garden


Danny and Madge have been involved in the Spiritualist movement since the 1980's and regularly run development groups to help others to connect with, not only their psychic gifts but also their spirituality. 
Danny has an interest in all forms of mediumship including Transfiguration and Physical mediumship and has served a number of Spiritualist Churches over the years as healer and platform medium.

Madge, as well as being Clairvoyant is a wonderful and powerful healer who has dedicated her life to working with healing energies.

House Parties

An EVENING or AFTERNOON of CLAIRVOYANCE  Are you interested in an evening or an afternoon of Reiki and Clairvoyance? Then this can be arranged for a group of three - six people. The House Party as we call it will take place here at Lingerton Lodge and will consist of three Reiki treatments and a demonstration of Clairvoyance and perhaps Transfiguration. Total cost for the ‘House Party’ event is £100. On arrival refreshments will be provided: sandwiches/teas/coffee/water. Please note that the £100 charge is to cover the Reiki treatments and the refreshments. There is no charge for the Clairvoyance or Transfiguration as we believe in sharing this gift, not selling it!!