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                                                                                    Akashic Records

The Akashic Records hold the blueprint of our Soul and its journey through numerous lifetimes past, present and future. Every word, thought, action and deed are recorded in the Records and can be accessed by yourself through meditation, or through a practitioner  who can connect with your Records to share answers from your higher self, your loved ones, your Teachers, Masters and the Lords of the Records, to the questions that you may have, such as...     

•What is my life purpose?    •What are my soul gifts?  •How can I move forward in my spiritual path? 


Kinescha Therapy is a combination therapy devised by Madge and Danny and is based on some of the disciplines and principles of Kinesiology and Energy Medicine. The therapy is non-intrusive, and involves gentle touch and manipulation. Kinescha Therapy can help to bring harmony and healing to the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Prior to becoming a Kinescha practitioner the trainee will take part in our 2 day Energy Healing Workshop.

                                                                                    Vitamins & Nutrients Assessment  

Healthy levels of vitamins and minerals are essential for your body to function properly. It can be easy to buy the vitamins and minerals which advertisers say will improve our well-being, however the assessment that we are offering will identify those that you need as well as determining the appropriate daily dosage. Using Kinesiology you’ll be tested with 150+ vitamins and minerals.  Let your body do the talking and tell you what it needs!