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Danny & Madge Dobbie are the founder members of Starlight Therapies. 

Having worked with some of the biggest employers in the country supporting individuals and teams they have built a reputation for providing quality work.

Their mission is to provide you with tools to help you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Danny and Madge normally provide quality training to small groups in a friendly, relaxed and nurturing environment.

However due to the restrictions in place to help overcome the Covid-19 pandemic the services on offer need to be restricted to individuals via telephone and skype.

At this time they are able to offer:

1) Guided Meditation sessions - 30 minutes at cost of £7.

2) Practical and emotional support - 30 minutes at a cost of £20.  

3) Information and support helping you to enhance your Reiki practice - 30 minutes £10. 

4) Akashic readings - 45 minutes at a cost of  £40.


To book an appointment please call 07729 041766.  


"It's Never Too Late For New Beginnings"

Madge & Danny 

Mission Statement: Our mission statement is to deliver the highest possible standard of work we are capable of for the lowest possible price, with the view to ensuring maximum client satisfaction.